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If you’ve started sleep training your baby, you may realize that it’s much tougher than you anticipated. While it’s normal for your baby to express a dislike for whatever is happening when you start sleep training, you may experience that your baby is crying all the time, even hours after you started the training.

If your baby keeps crying even weeks after you started the training, here are some things to consider.

Things to always check

As you start sleep training, you should always check that your baby has what he needs. This includes a clean diaper, a full tummy whether on solids or still drinking milk, not too hot and not too cold, and isn’t caught up in a blanket, baby sleep bag and more. If your baby is perfectly fine and has a full tummy, and no poopy diaper, then he must be crying for another reason.

Why they cry

It’s important to understand that babies will cry when you start sleep training. That’s because it’s something new and they don’t understand why you are doing things differently. Of course, it would be nice if you could just communicate this to them, but at this young age, you have to guide them in understanding. They aren’t crying because they are panicking. They are crying because they don’t understand why you aren’t doing what he’s used to.

Coping with the crying

Remember, your baby thrives on consistency and schedules. As soon as you do something he isn’t used to, he gets angry and will get frustrated. You need to cope with the crying, and we’ve put together some suggestions on how to stay distracted, especially if you are doing time-checked intervals.

Confusion stage

All babies will be confused once you start sleep training, mostly because it is so different from what they are used to. But the more you stay consistent in your training, and your new routine where he has to sleep on his own, the quicker he will adjust. You’ll find that when he’s trained, he will have a hard time falling asleep any other way.

Learning to adapt

Part of the training means learning to adapt. That’s both for you and your baby. While your baby needs to learn how to fall asleep, you need to learn to deal with the crying and give him the space to learn these new important skills.

If you have additional tips for sleep training, please share them below to help moms who are currently struggling with sleep training and crying babies.

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