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The first rush associated with learning about your pregnancy has come and gone, and you are now past the 12-week mark. You are now curious about the little creature in your tummy and you are eagerly awaiting to feel your baby move. And while you wait to learn what you are having, you could be concentrating on your tummy.

First pregnancy

If this is your first pregnancy, it may take a bit longer before you feel your baby move. Those kicks need to be felt through muscles so it could take a while. Don’t be surprised if you make it half-way throughout your pregnancy and not feel those kicks.

It’s also important to note that the kicks you feel won’t be actual kicks in the beginning. The baby is so small at this point in your tummy that they will feel more like butterflies in your tummy, or a little tingle on one side of your body.

Second pregnancy

Some women report that they feel the baby move much earlier. This could be because the muscles have already been stretched during the first pregnancy. Plus, women who have been pregnant before understand what the feeling of baby kicks is like and they recognize it immediately.

Juice and sugar

Later in pregnancy, you can encourage your baby to move by drinking some cold juice or a sugary drink. Giving your baby something with sugar or something cold could wake a sleeping baby and you could get a few baby kicks on demand. This doesn’t work all the time, so don’t panic if you don’t feel anything after drinking some juice.

At what point during the pregnancy did you feel your baby move? Please share your experiences below to help moms who are currently waiting to feel that first kick!

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