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We can all agree that baby utensils are super cute! The small knives, forks, and spoons are bright and colorful, and their miniature sizes are just adorable. But are they worth it? We gathered a few responses from moms.

i introduced the baby utensils the day we started solids. I’d always use them with her, so she knew they were hers. It didn’t take long before she would try it herself. Now, she knows that it’s meal time when she sees them.

I introduced them when we started solids, but he wasn’t interested. Instead, he wanted the adult ones, so i’d use teaspoons to give him his food. He’s still not interested.

If your child seems to take after you and is curious about everything you do, he or she may not be interested. But things could change once they become toddlers and understand the difference between “mine” and “yours.”

We’ve gathered a few options for you below, so you can get started on your research. There are many available online, and we found these adorable spoons and forks perfect for those kids who are just learning to eat by themselves. Click on the photo for the price on Amazon. We also love this full-on set from IKEA. The great thing about it is that you can buy this online on Amazon, so you don’t even have to head to IKEA to get it. Here, you get bowls, plates, cups, and all the utensils your child needs – and in adorable colors! Click on the photo for the price on Amazon.

If your toddler tends to take after you, these stainless steel utensils may just do the trick. They are cute and colorful, but they do have stainless steel, which makes them more like adult utensils. What a great compromise! Click on the photo for the price on Amazon.

When did you introduce baby utensils to your baby? Share your experiences below to help new moms figure out what to do in their situation.

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