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Your baby is coming shortly and you’ve been planning the baby’s nursery. You’ve chosen the color schemes and you know what you want the nursery to look like, but you have no real idea what you actually need in the baby’s nursery once that little one is out in the world and is resting comfortably in your arms.

No worries! We have you covered. We’ve created a list to help you with your baby’s nursery and we’ve included both some needs and a few wants.


When your little one comes home from the hospital, it’s common that he or she sleeps in a bassinet. A bassinet is essentially a small bed for newborns. While some mothers start with co-sleeping in the same room, others simply put the bassinet in the nursery from the beginning. A bassinet and a baby swaddle are all you will need.


Some parents choose to get a crib right away to make the transition easier for their kids. While nighttime can be done in the bassinet, parents may train the baby to sleep in the crib for naps. This is purely a choice you can make, but some babies do transition out of the bassinet fast. Need crib suggestions? Click here.

Changing table

The dreaded diaper change will need to happen, and probably much sooner than you’d expect. A changing table will require some space, as you will soon find that babies grow fast and want to kick, squirm and do everything to make this process harder on you. The changing table should also have everything handy for you, including fresh diapers, diaper cream, and wipes. You can check out our post on changing tables here.

Diaper disposal

Depending on the type of diaper you use, you should have some kind of diaper disposal handy. Whether you are using a diaper garbage can or using natural diapers, having a bag ready that you can toss the diaper into after use makes it super easy to change your little one and get on with your day.

Breastfeeding chair

If you are planning on breastfeeding your little one, consider investing in a nursing chair. If you already know where you want to sit, then it’s not an issue. But some moms prefer to keep everything in the nursery, both for privacy and to develop healthy habits for your little one. You can check out our post on breastfeeding chairs here.


If you’ve been getting hand-me-down clothing from your family members and friends, you may already be realizing that the clothing pile is growing out of control. You’ll need creative storage options for your little one, so you can quickly grab a onesie and get on with your day. Need storage solutions for your baby’s clothing? Read more here.


While your little one may not have any interest in toys, in the beginning, it won’t be long before your little tot needs some stimulation. Having a few pieces of toys handy can make diaper changing fun. Plus, if you spend a lot of time in the baby’s nursery, it’s perfect to have a few toys for a little playtime.

Fun floor

Almost every baby hates tummy time. While some kids can easily get over it, others will fuss and complain for weeks, if not months. Why not make it fun to do tummy time with some fun flooring for your nursery? Click on the image for price.

Olive and Cleo

What other must-have items did you include in your baby’s nursery shopping list? Share your suggestions below to help out other moms who are currently shopping for their little baby.

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