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You think you may be pregnant, but you aren’t experiencing any pregnancy symptoms – at least not what you know of. Even though you may have been trying to conceive, you never really educated yourself about the early signs of pregnancy. You’d eventually figure it out, right?

Well, the interesting thing is that many women don’t have any pregnancy symptoms at all, which can make it hard to determine if you are pregnant and when you got pregnant.

Common symptoms

If you are one of the ones that get symptoms, they may start surfacing around the time you expect your period. Your missed period is a pretty big sign that you could be pregnant, but implantation bleeding could trick people into thinking that they are having their period.

Tender or swollen breasts is another sign that you could be pregnant. Some women have morning sickness before they test positive on a pregnancy test. Increased urination and fatigue also go hand in hand with pregnancy.

All women are different

It’s important to know that all women are different. While some can feel the pregnancy symptoms early on, others don’t feel anything until they are far along in their pregnancies. Some lucky women don’t feel anything and they skip the whole morning sickness phase too.

It’s also important to know that women are also different when it comes to pregnancy tests. Some women will test positive early and long before a period is due, while others will implant later and therefore won’t test positive until much later.

Pregnancy test

About 10 to 12 days after ovulation is the earliest you can get a positive home pregnancy test. But it isn’t uncommon if you don’t get a positive pregnancy test until days after your period was due.

What other unusual pregnancy symptoms did you experience? Please share below to help others who may think they could be pregnant at the moment.

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