Olive and Cleo
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The Brio train is a popular wooden train track with fun trains that may be memorable for those who grew up in the 1990s. The Brio collection is of great quality, a bit old school, and it’s perfect for those who love trains, things that move, and building tracks with puzzle-like designs.

Even though the look of the Brio train may have changed since the 1990s, you can still get the amazing tracks for your child, passing on the traditions and the memories. We’ve found a couple of packs you can get, including this one below. It’s a railway starter set, meaning you can create a number 8 design as shown on the package. Click on the image below for current price on Amazon.Olive and Cleo

If you already have a couple of the older tracks, then you may just need some new trains and stations. Well, things have changed a bit since the original Brio train designs, so we’ve found the deluxe set for the railway world deluxe set. It looks amazing! Click on the image below for current price on Amazon.Olive and Cleo

If you have the trains and the stations, but you are looking for more tracks to create an amazing train track for your child, then you can buy more train tracks. This one below comes with all kinds of tracks in different sizes, so you can create all kinds of tracks with your little one. Click on the image below for current price on Amazon.

Olive and Cleo

Brio trains are on the expensive end, but if you’ve ever had this kind of train track, you know that they last for a long time. They are great quality and it’s something you can pass on for generations. If you have Brio trains and want to share some advice, please do so below in the comments section.

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