Olive and Cleo
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Puzzles are amazing for toddlers. They are fun, creative, and they teach them the topics of the puzzles. Whether you are teaching your child counting, letters, or animals, old-school wooden puzzles are great for your kids. We’ve gotten digging and found some amazing and valuable toys for your little one. The best part is that some of them come in triple packs.

The pack below is great for teaching your child letters, numbers, and shapes. The great thing is that you can teach them using colors as well, including “where is the green number 1?” or “where is the purple F?” Click on the image below for current price on Amazon.

Olive and Cleo

We’ve found similar puzzles here as well, using the same letters and numbers. But instead of shapes, you can teach your little one colors. These adorable colored fish are great for teaching 10 colors. The more you practice, the better your toddler will be. Click on the image below for current price on Amazon.

Olive and Cleo

Of course, animals play a huge part in your toddler’s development. It’s hard to find toys that don’t include animals in some capacity. So we went all out and found three puzzles with animals. Here, you can teach your little one the animals from the sea, the neighborhood pets, and the farm animals. Click on the image below for current price on Amazon.

Olive and CleoIf your little one is into trucks and vehicles, this four-pack may be for you. Unlike the ones above which are one-piece, these four below are jigsaw puzzles, so your little one has to figure out how to create the image using the right pieces. It’s a bit more advanced, but maybe the passion for vehicles can overcome the challenge. Click on the image below for current price on AmazonOlive and CleoIf you’ve found that your little one is expressing interest in puzzles, consider checking out these ones from Amazon. If your child enjoyed puzzles, please share your experiences below in the comments section.

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