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If you are struggling to get some sleep and you find yourself searching for sleep training methods, the shush-pat method may be for you. The shush-pat method is exactly what it sounds like. Below, we’ve outlined what it is, how it works, and the downsides to this method. Read on to see if this sleep training method is for you.

What is this method?

This method is just what it sounds like – doing a shushing noise and patting your baby softly to help him or her drift off to help. Some babies really like to be comforted until they fall asleep, and they don’t like to sleep independently or alone. If you have a clingy baby, who isn’t comfortable with any sleep training method, this shush-pat method could be the one for you.

How does it work?

The shush-pat method is a physical intervention to help calm and soothe your baby. Instead of singing or rocking your baby to sleep, you simply make the shush noise to be a white noise for your child and then pat him or her to let them know you are there.

It’s all about reassurance and comfort. The physical touch and the sounds you make reassures your baby that you are there, making it easier for your baby to fall asleep.


The downsides are two-fold: your baby may become comfortable with this method, meaning they won’t sleep until you have shushed or patted them to sleep every night, meaning you could be spending up to 20 minutes or even an hour putting them to sleep.

The second downside is that they don’t become completely independent, as they still rely on you. Once you start walking out of the room, your baby may wake up and refuse to go back to sleep.

If you’ve tried to the shush-pat method with your little one and you have something you’d like to share with other women, who are getting ready to sleep train, please share your thoughts and experiences below to help other moms.

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