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The Ferber Method of sleep training has often been labeled the cry-it-out method. This is not the case, but it’s hard to use the Ferber Method without any crying. Sometimes, people call it the “no crying method,” but it’s very normal to get some kind of crying.

This is because you are changing the way you are used to putting your little one to sleep, and he notices. He’s crying because he’s confused and wants to go to sleep the way he’s used to, not this new way. But it’s a matter of teaching new habits and over time, it does get easier. The more consistent you are, the easier the transition – usually.

What is this method?

The Ferber Method teaches your child to fall asleep on his own with regular check-ins from you. You don’t leave your baby to fall asleep on his own and cross your fingers, but you do give him time and space to learn the valuable skills of falling asleep on his own.

How does it work?

It works by you creating a little bedtime ritual that you must do every night before bed. You place your baby into his crib and walk out of the room. You’ll hear crying, as he’s confused as to why you aren’t doing what you are used to. Then, at times intervals, you check on your baby to ensure he’s doing good. Over time, these intervals become more spaced out and soon, your baby will be able to sleep on his own.


The downsides include crying and emotional periods for parents. It’s tough on parents to hear the baby cry out of confusion, but it’s important to give your child time to learn this new skill. But it can be hard for everyone involved. The gift is that your child will come to love his sleep and be able to fall asleep by simply being put down in his crib.

If you’ve used the Ferber Method for sleep training, please share your experiences below to help other moms who are struggling to sleep train their child.

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