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The fading method is one of the best sleep training methods if you are looking for something calming and gentle. Many think that the fading method is like the Ferber method, but the fading method can be used with what you are doing now. If you have been rocking your baby to sleep or giving him milk to fall asleep, the fading method simply means giving your baby more responsibility to teach himself to fall asleep.

What is this method?

The fading sleep training method simply means that you still continue to help your child fall asleep, but you do so by limiting your own presence in the matter. Over time, you gradually remove yourself from the process. The good thing about the fading method is that you can really use it for whatever works now, whether it means singing your baby to sleep, or rocking him in a chair.

How does it work?

It works by you slowly decreasing the amount of time you spend getting your little one to fall asleep. For example, if you are used to rocking your little one to sleep, you could limit this time down.

Rather than rocking him to sleep, you could rock him for 20 minutes the first few days, and then cut it down to 15 minutes. Over the course of a few weeks, you could simply rock him for a few minutes and then put him down in his crib.

Creating this new habit for your baby will help long term.


The downside to the fading method is that it could take a long time. Your child may refuse to fall asleep on his own and may just be angry. But this is the best method for parents, who want to limit crying as much as possible during sleep training.

If you’ve created your own fading method for sleep training and have a few tips and tricks for moms, who are ready to sleep train their child, please share them below.

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