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If your baby really likes to be held by you, you may struggle to put your child down to sleep. The more tired he is, the more you struggle to get him to sleep. The chair method does not mean you sit with him in a chair, rocking him back and forth until he falls asleep.

Rather, it means that you start creating some distance between you and your baby, so he can learn some independence and teaches himself to fall asleep and rest. The chair method is one that may result in some crying if your baby is used to falling asleep in your arms.

What is this method?

This method simply means that you stay present in the room and shush your baby from afar as your child learns to fall asleep on his own. This may be a challenge for you, but if your baby can see you, it may ease the crying.

How does it work?

For this method to work, it’s important that you place your baby down drowsy. Your baby should be tired and ready to sleep.

Instead of patting or holding your baby, place your baby in the crib and then sit down on a chair near the crib. To calm and soothe your baby, shush him from afar. Every few days, slowly move the chair further away from the crib, so you eventually sit outside of the room.


The downside is that your baby may get used to you being in the room. Another downside is that you will have to invest a few weeks until this method may work. However, should it work, it may be one of the best time investments you’ve made.

If you’ve used the chair method and it worked, please share your experiences below. If you have any advice for other moms who want to use the chair method to sleep train, please share it below.

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