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You’ve learned you are pregnant and you notice that your doctor keeps talking about the pregnancy in weeks. When people ask you how far along you are, you may just throw out the, “oh I’m 3 months along” statement. You don’t think about offering up weeks to friends.

So, how should you measure your pregnancy?

The benefits of weeks

The benefit of tracking your pregnancy in weeks is that you know exactly when you are due for your ultrasounds and when you reach your milestones. Plus, you can track your progress and measure your child’s growth using various apps on your phone.

The benefit of months

The benefit of months is that you only have 9 months to measure. It’s easier to tell people how far along you are in months. In reality, people who haven’t gone through a pregnancy or have children may not know why you are sharing your progress in weeks. People can relate to months, as most people know that a pregnant woman will carry the child for 9 months.


It’s important to know who you are having conversations with. If you speak with your doctor, you should use weeks as they track your progress in weeks. People who have no experience with a childbirth will probably benefit from hearing the progress in months.

If you ask advice online or if you chat with other pregnant women online, they may benefit from you using weeks rather than months. Doctors know so much about pregnancy than narrowing down your progress to weeks, if not days, could help you deal with complications that you may experience.

If you have some advice on how to measure a pregnancy, please feel free to share your opinions and advice below to help new moms.

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