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A new milestone has been reached – introducing solids is the next step. And while you may have mixed emotions about this milestone, your baby is more than ready to try solids. While some doctors recommend trying solids at 5 months, others wait until 6 months.

But as this new milestone is approaching, you may be wondering what to give first. Do you try fruits or vegetables? Do you offer a pure or do you buy something from the store to help you out?

Well, there are no right answers here. You know your baby best and you know what you want your baby to eat. Some babies may be picky about texture, so banana may not be a hit even though it’s an easy to-go for us parents.

When you start introducing solids, it’s best to offer pure form. Smaller pieces of food become choking hazards because babies are used to simply swallowing. If you do put a piece of fruit or vegetable into your baby’s mouth, he or she may just swallow and potentially choke or gag. It may turn them off from trying more.

Many children suffer from a gagging reflex. Here’s how one mom dealt with it.

no matter what i offered, he would gag. He wasn’t choking, but he would turn red, trying to get the food out of his mouth. After searching online about it, some people suggested letting him work through it himself. I was ready with a pat on the back should he choke, but he would work through it and start chewing. Within a week or two, he had overcome it.

So, what should you give first? Some moms have shared that they offered fruits first, and had trouble introducing vegetables, as their babies simply wanted fruits. Others only offered vegetables, leaving fruits for later. You can also do a combination of two meals with vegetables only, and then one meal with vegetables and fruits. Continue to offer breast milk or formula to your baby to ease the process to solids.

What did you introduce to your baby first? Share your experiences and stories below to help mothers who are ready to introduce their babies to solids.

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