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Sleep training may challenge you – like never before. Sleep training is tough on you, as you have to give your child time and space to learn a new skill. The new skill is falling asleep on his own and it’s a true challenge to give him this space.

He’s crying, you’re tired, you’re emotional and you know that the crying will stop if you just go pick him up. But that would defeat the entire purpose of the training. The key is to stay busy during the timed-intervals until you are allowed to go console your baby.

We’ve created a list of things you can do to keep busy as you wait for the clock to tick down.


If you live in a small house or apartment and can’t go far, then it may be best to put something in your ears. While music can drown the crying, it may be best to listen to a podcast that will give you something else to concentrate on.

If you have a camera where you can keep an eye on your child, it may help you deal with the fact that you can’t console them. Plus, even though you are listening to something, you can look at your baby and know he is okay throughout the training.

Call someone

If you seek emotional support during this time, have a backup buddy you can call. This can be your spouse, your mom, a friend or someone who understands the hardships of sleep training. The person should keep you busy as you wait the minutes before you can go console your child.

Watch TV

You can also watch television if you can ignore the cries just a little bit. It’s important you stay focused something as the crying can really be tough to deal with.

Take a breather outside

If you need, it’s okay to just step outside your house while you sleep train. The fresh air, the little break, and the personal need to separate yourself from all the crying could be much needed.. If you have a camera so you can get see your baby, there’s nothing wrong with you just stepping outside just a few minutes as you wait to go console your child.

If you used to Ferber Method to sleep train your child, what did you do to stay active and busy? Share your experiences below in the comments section to help other moms, who are struggling with sleep training.

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