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You are days away from meeting your newborn baby and you are trying to get everything in order at home to ensure everything is ready. You want the clothes to be ready, the nursery to be done, and have everything else in order so you can enjoy your little newborn baby.

While some people don’t get the things ready until their newborn baby comes home from the hospital, we always suggest getting things ready beforehand, so you can enjoy those first little moments at home. Plus, you’ll probably be exhausted from giving birth so why not enjoy some naps, cuddle time, and just giving your body a break?

Here’s what you can do to get ready for the little one.

Get the nursery ready

One of the best things you can do is get the nursery ready. Even though we don’t plan on it, it does happen that some people give birth early. It’s always great to have things ready, organized and assembled because your newborn baby could come earlier than expected. Plus, it’s fun to get the room ready when you are pregnant with your partner.

Wash the clothes

When you buy brand new clothes, it can smell a bit like a warehouse. Plus, if you have it shipped to your house, the clothes may smell like a bag, a paper box, or even a truck. And would you want to put that clothing on your newborn’s skin?

Prepare meals

Another thing you can do to prepare for your newborn baby is to prepare some meals so all you have to go is heat it up when you get back from the hospital. Make a big batch of meat sauce, chili, or soup that you can freeze. If you feel overwhelmed as a new parent, you can quickly heat up some food so you eat – even on the worst of days.

Relax and enjoy

Remember to relax and enjoy this time before your baby comes. Read a book, take a nap, or simply watch a movie. Soon, your life will change. Plus, the last few weeks of pregnancy are rough. Give yourself a break and remind yourself that you’ve carried a child for 9 months.

What other suggestions do you have for moms who are getting ready to give birth? Share your experiences and thoughts below and help out moms who are getting ready to meet their new babies.

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