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If you’ve heard of a birth plan but have no idea what it is, you aren’t alone. Many women don’t have birth plans when they head to the hospital, so the nurses try their best to make the situation the best as they can. However, if you want as much control as possible as you are about to give birth, having a plan handy is the best way to do that.

What is it

A birth plan is a written document that you prepare at home. You put it in your hospital bag, so when you check in to have your baby, the nurses and the attending staff knows about your preferences and how to make the birth the best possible for you.

Things you should include are things such as medicines, sounds, music, people, communications with the doctor, and much more. Think of everything you want to make the experience better. Want classical music playing? Write that. Want your husband there? Write that.

When to write it

It’s best that you write it before you go into labor, so you can think clearly. As you pack your hospital bag weeks before your due date, you should also pack your birth plan. You can always add things to it as you near your birth.

Give it a nurse

When you are admitted to the hospital, give your plan to the nurse. She will inform the staff of everything they need to know about your plan.

Understand that things may change

It’s important to understand that things may change. Even though you may want a vaginal birth, things could develop and you could end up with a c-section. Maybe you want an easy birth but you’ll end up with attendees in the room because of complications. It’s good to have a plan, but always be flexible.

If you’ve written a birth plan and have advice for soon-to-be moms who are struggling with their birth plans, please share your advice below.

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