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There’s nothing worse than a picky eater. If you’ve started introducing solids, you may have experienced some resistance, but as your child grows into toddlerhood, that pickiness, stubbornness, and terrible two’s may just come in full force.

It can be a battle to get picky eaters to try anything. They tend to fall into a comfort zone, whether it be french fries, rice cereal, milk, breast milk, chicken, pancakes, you name it. While we all want to teach our children healthy eating habits, and ideally light up with joy when they see vegetables, that’s sometimes just not plausible.

This mom here couldn’t get her son to eat fruits, vegetables, or anything healthy. Just pizza, bread, and meats. The occasional banana too.

My son loves pizza, but he won’t touch a vegetable or fruit. He will gladly chow down small slices of homemade pizza. So, to encourage new flavors, I make quinoa pizza dough instead and then use my food processor to blend in a cup of spinach into the tomato sauce. To cover some of the flavors, I use prosciutto and some stronger cheese, such as old white cheddar as toppings.

You can find our recipe for kid-friendly quinoa pizza dough here. But that’s not all. Here’s another tip.

I found that my child really likes food that she can pick up and eat herself. As soon as it requires utensils, she’s not into it. To encourage more variety in her diet, i use homemade flatbreads and quesadillas to pack in those vegetables. She had no idea what she was eating and I made the vegetable bites so small that she would get a few per bite (think bell peppers, onion, etc). Surprisingly, she ate it right up!

It can be tough to go through this period and for some parents, it sadly continues way into toddlerhood and childhood. But using puzzles, colors, books, and cartoons to teach kids about fruits and vegetables may also spark their curiosity to try it.

What tips and tricks have you used to get your child to eat more despite being a picky eater? Share your thoughts below and help out other moms who are struggling with the same problem.

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