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Some parents have an extra room or a spare landing where they can create an amazing playroom for their kids. It’s a place where they can hang out with friends and make a mess throughout the day and clean up at night. But others simply want their kids’ rooms to be their respective playrooms, a place where they can be themselves and have a blast.

A playroom wouldn’t be complete without some stuffed animals. And ideally some big ones you can toss around, sleep on, rest on and be the best friend. While this one below isn’t a big one, it’s the perfect friend a kid can have. And why not get a few? Click on the photo for the current price on Amazon.Olive and Cleo

Nothing says playroom like a fun wall mural. While wallpaper isn’t always the best solution for parents, murals and decals are awesome because they can easily be removed if you choose to use the room for something else. Or maybe your kid is just growing out of the design you’ve previously chosen. We personally love this one right here. Click on the photo for the current price on Amazon.Olive and Cleo

And speaking of the design, the floor can’t just be hardwood or carpet. We really like foam flooring because you can put it right on top of the hardwood floor and carpet, and it works almost like a puzzle for your child. Plus, there’s nothing cooler than recreating everything right in front of their eyes. Click on the photo for the current price on Amazon.Olive and Cleo

If you have active kids who really love sports, then consider getting a basketball hoop. But just a warning: expect lots of running, jumping, and having active kids that could tire themselves out before a nap! But in reality, why not encourage healthy sports habits and a good time? So whenever it’s cold outside, let’s play hoops inside. Click on the photo for the current price on Amazon.

Olive and CleoIf you’ve found the perfect item for a kid’s playroom, we’d love to hear about it. Please share your experiences below to help out parents, who are trying to design the best playroom for their kids.

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