Welcome to Our Contributor Program

Welcome to the Olive and Cleo contributor program. We love that you have an interest in publishing your content with us. We do have some guidelines that we ask you to abide by. Please note that all content is reviewed prior to publication by our editors, meaning you will be rejected if all the boxes aren’t checked.

If you have any questions about our program, please email us using the contact page or at info@oliveandcleo.com. Please use the subject line, “Contributor,” when writing us.

Why Contribute?

  • Become a thought leader for women seeking your guidance. Our site reaches thousands of women every month, so your story may inspire many!
  • Reach a new audience. Whether you are a personal coach, fitness fanatic, midwife, sleep training coach – you name it, you can find a new audience here.
  • Promote everything you’ve worked for. While you can’t directly advertise your products and services, we do allow for milder CTA (call to action) in your work (see below)
  • Position yourself nicely with the best and brightest! We have an awesome team behind Olive and Cleo and an even better readership. You are in good company!

What We Look For

  • Hard-working and dedicated writers who are passionate about helping other women! We strive to always spread positivity and support
  • Writers, who understand the world of SEO, online writing, and the competitive landscape of online writing
  • Writers who are passionate and knowledgeable about their topic or craft
  • Someone who loves the idea of teamwork and being part of something awesome!
  • Someone who can follow instructions (see below)

How to Get Started

We take our audience super seriously here at Olive and Cleo. Our readers are passionate, sensitive, determined, and loving women who simply want the best for themselves and their loved ones. We strive to give that to them, so before bringing you on as a contributor, we have to know that you understand – and will follow – our ever important guidelines. Please do not submit anything prior to reading these guidelines! You will be rejected.

Target Audience

Our contributors must understand our target audience. For more information about this, please read our About page. We publish 100% for new moms, 100% for experienced moms, 100% for hungry women, and 100% for awesome women!

Topical Boundaries

Our topics are featured in our main menu, and each of which has sub-topics. Please familiarize yourself with these topics and categories. We do reserve the right to reject any submission that cannot be put into these categories. If you are debating whether your topic is ideal for Olive and Cleo, shoot us an email at info@oliveandcleo.com

  • Food: Under food, we want to give you the best possible recipes for busy moms and your babies. Whether you have toddlers at home or have a busy career, we are here for you with easy go-to recipes that keep you healthy! Plus, we also have topics that cover introducing foods to your little ones.
  • Nurseries and Kids’ Rooms: In our home section, you will find interior design ideas, products, and fun ideas for your nursery. Whether you are a new mom or need fun ideas for your toddler, we are here!
  • Pregnancy: If you are expecting a child, trying to get pregnant, have suffered a miscarriage – well, then you aren’t alone! This is the section for you.
  • Stimulation and Learning: As your child grows other, you need to stimulate him or her. Under this section, we’ll provide you with resources to teach your child while stimulating them.
  • Sleep Training: We all love to sleep, so this section will talk about how to sleep training your child so you can get a good rest – all of you!

All categories also contain news pieces depending on what is trending online in the respective topics.

Quality of Submissions

Half the battle is writing about the correct topic. The other half is producing great quality content for our amazing readers. Please consider these as you craft your content.

  • You must have some expertise or experience in the content you are producing for our site
  • Your content must be original (content you’ve written and not published elsewhere). To ensure originality, do your own research, use your own words, and share your own opinions
  • Clarity is important, so always edit your content and make sure everything makes sense
  • If you make a claim, back it up. Research and evidence are important!
  • Your content may not be promotional or advertorial. If you are trying to promote your own business, a product or use a press release as the base of your article, you will be rejected. However, you can use a call to action in your article (CTA), given your follow the appropriate guidelines:
    • Acceptable CTA:
      • A download for our readers with relevant content (will be approved by our editors). This download can be a guide, report, eBook, etc)
      • Registration for an event (live event or webinar to further the discussion)
    • Unacceptable CTA:
      • A call to visit a company’s website
      • A call to follow a company on social media, including embedding social links and emails
      • A call to subscribe to email newsletters or other forms of related subscription-based services or email lists
      • A call to contact the writer or company for more information


We ask that contributors follow these guidelines for their content submissions:

  • All submissions must be above 500 words but below 1200 words (if you cannot tell your story in 1200 words, consider pitching a two-part story)
  • Provide an applicable image where you hold the necessary rights. You must provide these rights at the time of submission for verification. If you don’t have an image, we can provide one for you
  • Provide relevant hyperlinks: at least one external and one internal (meaning one from Olive and Cleo). These hyperlinks must link to relevant and appropriate content. All irrelevant links will be removed. No affiliate links allowed.
  • All submissions must include at least one header in the content (also known as ah h2 header)
  • Social media embeds are encouraged if they make your work better. Please simply link to the post you want to embed, as our platform takes care of the rest!


The submission you send to us must be original. That means it cannot be published elsewhere. We do not publish content that has been featured on other sites.

You have the legal rights to your work! You do not give us copyright of your work when you publish with us.

But….we do ask that you wait at least two weeks before republishing the article elsewhere. We also ask that you put “Originally published on Olive and Cleo” with a link to the work when you do republish it.

We do not accept plagiarism of any kind. All contributors are responsible for the originality and accuracy of their submissions. We run all submitted works through a plagiarism checker and should a contributor plagiarize any work, his or her entire body of work will be examined. If found guilty of plagiarism, the offending author will be banned from the community with all content removed. In addition, depending on the severity of the offense, legal action could be pursued for damages and revenue lost due to the illegal acts.

Plagiarism is illegal. Stealing others ideas, images and thoughts without proper credit is punishable by law.

Author Information

When your work is approved with us, we do ask that you write a bio for yourself through our platform. The email you use to publish on our site will be linked to your Gravatar account. If you don’t have one, please create an account. Content will not be published if:

  • You don’t have a professional headshot
  • You don’t have a complete bio, listing your experience, who you are, and where to find you (ie. personal or professional website)

By submitting your content to us, you and/or your organization will be granting us unlimited rights to use across multiple digital channels including web, social, email, mobile, and PDF. We also retain the right to edit for clarity, tone, and style. Please ensure that you have the right to grant the use for all content and materials that you provide. Please provide copyrights and rights of use for any images used. If you don’t have an image you can legally use, we can provide one for you.

Ready to submit?

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