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Olive and Cleo is open for advertising. Olive and Cleo strives to be one of the world’s top websites when it comes to mothers, parenting issues and positivity. We want to get the discussions going, talk about taboo topics, and help make the lives of our readers easier.

Advertising on our site helps create meaningful connections between your brand and our amazing women, who read our content daily.

We love our readers and cherish them! We only want to entertain serious advertising opportunities that truly suit our audience. You can read more about Olive and Cleo, and our mission on our About page. We reserve the right to refuse any advertising opportunity based on our audience. The Olive and Cleo readership is loyal and we protect them fiercely from spam, fake news, and faulty/unsafe products.

To calculate our ad campaign prices, we use data from our analytics. One of the factors we use to determine our prices is our monthly unique views.

During our ad inquiry process, we will inform you of our prices and tell you about our monthly page views. Here, you can also learn about our desktop/mobile audiences to better target your ads.

We pride ourselves in sharing original content for women! Therefore, our unique content factor is also part of our pricing strategy.

Of course, we cannot forget our dedicated audience on social media. Part of our price accounts for our social media audience who will see your ads.

Contact our sales team at Olive and Cleo

If you want more information about the Olive and Cleo advertising packages, please reach out to us. You can either use the contact form on the contact page or use our email:

Write “Advertising Inquiry” in your subject line.

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